"The chief enemy of creativity is "good" sense.:  Pablo Picasso

Creativity is an activity intrinsic to human behaviour, and is ultimately the source of the benefits delivered by science and technology (and, of course, other human endeavours).  Creativity leads to ideas and inventions. It is only when inventions are widely adopted that they become innovations.

Innovation is the catch word of the 21st Century, particularly in the developed world, as economies increasingly depend on the creation of intellectual capital, rather than on manufactured goods.  The strong messages from government and competitors about the necessity to innovate are well recognised.  It is essential to business growth, competitive advantage and survival. However, finding appropriate opportunities, developing an organisation’s capacity to innovate and making innovation consistently happen are in practice very difficult to achieve. 

otbSolutions is strongly positioned to provide not only technical expertise, but also to assist organisations in developing their own innovation value chain, from creating ideas through to realising business benefits via the production and protection of intellectual property, and ensuring that changes are implemented into operations.

We can assist companies to design and implement an innovation plan that is an intrinsic part of the overall business plan, and train and develop personnel to ensure consistent benefit delivery.

Are creativity and innovation the special realm of uniquely gifted and talented individuals, or are they accessible to many?  Our experience favours the latter, and moreover both creativity and innovation can be fostered and nurtured in individuals and organisations.  otbSolutions has extensive experience in these areas and has successfully applied a fusion of Eastern and Western approaches to create innovative solutions for both industry and academia.

"Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere."  Albert Einstein