Based in Western Australia, with global outreach, we provide:

  • Scientific and technical advice / evaluation, covering a wide range of mineral processing, chemical and oil & gas operations
  • Liaison between industry and researchers, identifying and evaluating the work of leading scientists
  • Support in the development and management of research programs
  • Ongoing leadership and management of new and existing research programs
  • Creativity and Innovation, and assistance in developing an innovation culture
  • Detailed literature reviews and assessment of research options
  • Evaluation of business cases to determine to commercial potential of technology innovations
  • Identification and protection of Intellectual Property to help ensure that the full value of innovations is realised
  • Assistance with ongoing product and process troubleshooting


otbSolutions Pty Ltd is a consultancy owned and run by Dr Gordon Parkinson, who for over 35 years has worked in leading Universities and Corporations around the world, delivering value to academic research programs and to the minerals, chemical, energy and food manufacturing industries.