An independent research scientist and manager can bring valuable leadership and direction to research programs, delivering enhanced outcomes for companies and research organisations.  otbSolutions  have a long history of successful involvement in research management through the Principal’s years with BP Research and Alcoa World Alumina, as well as many years of research funding from bodies such as the Science Research Council (SRC) in the UK, the Australian Research Council (ARC), the Australian Minerals Industry Research Association (AMIRA), the Minerals and Energy Research Institute of Western Australia (MERIWA), and also through involvement with many Universities, academic institutions and Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs).  An external research manager can remain totally focused on the program(s) in hand, without being distracted by the processes associated with working directly for the company or institution.  Furthermore, an external perspective enables that person more readily to identify where research progress is being held back, and can often formulate routes for re-invigorating projects.