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Gordon Parkinson – Profile

Dr Gordon ParkinsonAfter completing a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Chemistry at University College of London, Dr Parkinson studied for his PhD in Solid State Chemistry at the University of Wales.  He then joined the Dept. of Materials, University of Oxford as a member of the research staff, followed by a similar position with the Dept. of Chemistry, Cambridge University.  After Cambridge, Dr Parkinson spent 10 years as a Senior Research Chemist at the British Petroleum Research Centre, London, where he worked on a range of projects, from electron microscopy for the in situ study of catalysts to the design and study of scale inhibitors. 

Gordon left the UK in 1994 to join Curtin University of Technology as an inaugural Professor of Crystallisation, where he was also Manager of the Crystallisation Program at the AJ Parker CRC for Hydrometallurgy.  He was Deputy Director of the Western Australian Centre for Microscopy (WACM) and then subsequently the founding Director of the Nanochemistry Research Institute (NRI), at Curtin, and the Director of the Western Australian Nanochemistry Research Institute (WANRI).  In 2005, he joined Alcoa World Alumina to establish and lead the Transformational Technology program, running a program of research into applying advances in fundamental science to achieve step change improvements in the traditional, established industry of alumina refining.  He led a locally based team of scientists and engineers, and outsourced to global research providers, including establishing and running a Centre of Excellence in St Petersburg, Russia.

Gordon left Alcoa to establish otbSolutions in 2010.

His research interests include optimisation of processes in the minerals processing and oil and gas industries, nanochemistry, solid-fluid interface, crystallization, biomimicry and innovation.


PhD Chemistry

MScSolidState Chemistry

BSc (Hons) Chemistry

University of Oxford / UniversityCollege of Wales




Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry, FRSC, and Chartered Chemist, CChem
Fellow, Royal Australian Chemical Institute, FRACI
Fellow, Royal Microscopical Society, FRMS
Australian representative in the International Organisation for Crystal Growth
Board Member, Western Australian Nanochemistry Research Institute
Board Chair, Rossmoyne Senior High School
Member, International Scientific Committees, and Organising Committees
for various international conferences
Reviewer for various journals and funding bodies, eg Australian Research Council
Author of ca. 200 scientific papers and conference presentations
Supervised 20 PhD completions
Recipient of numerous grants from the UK and Australian governments, WA State government and industry

1999 - present
1994 - present
1976 - present
1995 - present
2005 - present
2008 - present

1992 - present



  • Academic track record over 17 years
    • UK: London, Wales, Oxford, Cambridge; Australia: Curtin
    • Significant publications record; major ARC and industry grants awarded; HDR completions; invited conference speaker; Institute and Centre of Excellence Director; CRC Executive
  • Industrial experience over 17 years
    • UK/USA: BP Research Centre, Independent Consultant; Australia / USA: Alcoa
    • Led pioneering and breakthrough research programs; carried projects from inception to implementation; membership of Senior Executive
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and good communicator
    • Active network with local and international resources and nanotechnology researchers and industries
    • Good reputation with researchers and management within Curtin; respected for integrity and innovation
  • Creative and innovative aptitude and capabilities
    • Track record in developing innovative solutions to technical problems
    • Knowledgeable in formal approaches to innovation
    • Eclectic interests and multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural approach
      • eg Directed ca. 50 Russian scientists and managers in St Petersburg Centre of Excellence for Alcoa