"Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them."

Albert Einstein

Fresh Thinking:  “We take a fresh approach to the provision of traditional R&D / innovation services to assist our clients in creating, capturing and managing technological opportunities for profit and growth.”  “Applying fresh thinking to create business value is our primary aim.”

  • We provide a service to industry that delivers solutions to technological problems and helps create new opportunities
  • We bring industrially important and scientifically tractable research opportunities to academics
  • We speak both industry and academic languages, and translate and liaise between the two, ensuring win-win outcomes for them both
  • We have extensive experience working in multi-national corporations in Minerals and Oil & Gas, and in world-class Universities
  • Our services complement existing, in-house industry and University R&D activities, providing unique insights in a cost-effective way
  • We (uniquely) combine left-brain, hard science in chemistry and physics, industry economics and operation, and right-brain skills in creativity, systems thinking, intuition, imagination and empathy

Using our in-depth knowledge of chemistry at the molecular and nanoscale levels, process systems, and commercial applications, we offer a unique combination of business solutions and technology skills through a range of client-focussed services. Often working as a member of our clients’ planning teams, we combine our knowledge of cutting-edge technology with commercial expertise to:

  • Define the business and commercial impacts of leading-edge technologies
  • Develop technology strategies that support business objectives
  • Assess technology options through strategy development, including:
    • Independent appraisals and valuation of technology potential
    • Acquisition consulting, planning and due diligence
  • Lead and/or manage client sponsored R&D programs targeted through our opportunity identification process


  • Mineral Processing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Alternative Energy
  • Climate Change options
  • Nanotechnology


To assist clients to develop a complete idea to implementation value chain, developing innovation in the resources and nanotechnology sectors, interfacing as appropriate with industry, academia and government institutions.

What We Can Do For You

Build a creative culture and environment via “Ba” and “Obeya”

Systematically innovate via TRIZ methodology

Effectively collaborate with academic, industry and government organisations

Deliver solutions to upstream oil and gas operating problems

Create solutions to downstream oil and gas processing problems

Deliver breakthrough innovations and technologies

With experience at each step in the process, otbSolutions offers assistance in the complete innovation chain, from idea to implementation.