Increasingly, as the amount of available information increases exponentially, many companies find that keeping up with and interpreting the relevant scientific and technical literature is a major burden to staff.  Too often, information in the literature is not appreciated or known by the company, simply because of the other demands on staff time.  Often there is information in the literature that will assist in the further development of products, or improving production efficiencies, or overcoming production or product difficulties, but these are too often unrecognised or not implemented.

otbSolutions offers literature assessment and interpretation services, which aim to assist companies in overcoming these problems.  Companies who wish to avail themselves of this service indicate the area of their concern, and otbSolutions undertake a comprehensive literature review of this area, interpreting the published data, and making recommendations to the company regarding future action.  Such services are precisely targeted to your company’s requirements, and can therefore assist in providing rapid responses to research and production problems.

In addition, otbSolutions can gather up to date information at conferences, with experience in presenting at many conferences, including giving numerous invited lectures and membership of several international organising and scientific committees.