"Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them."

Albert Einstein

The mission of otbSolutions is to deliver innovation at the industry / academia interface via the following activities:

  • Opportunity identification and problem prioritisation in industry and academia – by applying systems thinking.
  • Innovative solutions to problems, and routes to opportunity exploitation – using creativity and innovation with outside the box and right brain thinking
  • Technical framing of solutions and research needs – based on scientific expertise and experience.
  • Research provision identification and coordination, liaising with in-house R&D as appropriate – using R&D networks in academia and industry
  • Providing a scientific / business “translation” service to ensure that business needs are understood by researchers, and that business leaders appreciate the full value of scientific discoveries.
  • Project management to ensure timely delivery of desired outcomes – applying R&D leadership experience
  • Business case analysis to ensure commercial viability of technical solutions – founded on industrial commercialisation experience

Solutions offers a unique way for your company to effectively stay on top of developments while efficiently maintaining control over your costs.  Through skilled facilitation of dialogue and interaction between some of the world’s leading corporations, institutes and organisations, R&D and commercial development opportunities can be effectively leveraged.

Why otbSolutions?

We work with clients to develop sustainable competitive advantage in technology-driven industries, such as mineral processing, hydrometallurgy, upstream flow assurance in oil and gas refining, crystallisation control, sugar production,  catalyst development, biomineralisation, pharmaceuticals, and nanotechnology  We provide concrete proven solutions based on our understanding of how technology impacts business.


Working with otbSolutions leads to accelerated delivery of increased value to the triple bottom line, through innovation implementation.

With over 35 years’ experience in the Minerals and Energy sectors, with a demonstrated track record of delivering the complete innovation value chain from idea to implementation, with world leading companies and Universities, we are uniquely able to help your company.

We have built our consulting practice on long-term client relationships, dedication and integrity.

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